Citroën Ave 2025

Access for everyone


We believe a car should be a tool that helps improve our lives, which takes you on journeys to make every day life better. With Ave, we created the next generation car to follow our philosophy.
A car that has the ability through technology and accessibility to enhance your life.

TIMELINE: September 2019 - December 2019

ROLE: UX/UI Designer / In-Vehicle UI Designer

TOOLS: Adobe Xd / Adobe Illustrator / After Effects

Design Brief

Citroën's Goals in 2025 :

  • Essential, affordable and smart

  • Bring different lifestyles into the car

  • Integrate infotainment and buttons into one personal device



We want to design a sustainable vehicle that meets users' needs in different life stages—at first, exploring the accessory to connect people from home to street to car. In the first example, expanding the usages of the baby stroller; in the second example, digging into the utilization of wheelchairs; in the third example, extending the feature to daily use.







Car Seat








Daily Life




Shopping Cart






Traceback to 2 years ago, Andrea gave birth to their new baby Max. Thomas set up the destination of the cart equipped with a stroller seat.


After Max was on the stroller car seat, the cart returned to the vehicle and then unloaded the car seat.


After the stroller car seat unloaded to the lock point, the cart returned to the trunk.


After everyone was in the car, the app asked the driver to dock the phone to launch Driving Mode.

2 years later...


The family was on the way to meet grandparents, and the app suggested the destination based on driver’s calendar. On the passenger side, they could access Passenger Mode and control some features. In this case, the passenger was controlling the music and chose to listen together with the driver.


While the family was on the way to the mall, the grandpa was already there. The problem was that the grandpa has difficulty with moving around, so he asked the cart to come to his side, and the seat automatically mounted to the cart.


While grandpa was on the way to the mall, he used the app to control the cart with a joystick.


The End

User Flow

Feature 01 - Driving Mode

When the driver approaches the vehicle, his / her phone will detect and automatically unlock it. Based on the driver's calendar, Ave app will suggest a destination to the driver who can use gesture control by waving to the "Yes" or "No" direction to select.

Feature 02 - Passenger Mode

Passengers can engage with the driver by handling the entertainment system. When passengers control the music, they can choose to either listen privately or share with others.

Feature 03 - Regular Adjusting Mode

User can also adjust car settings when outside of the vehicle. In this case, the user is adjusting the seat.

Feature 04 - Cart Control Manual Mode

While controlling the cart with manual mode, users can control the cart or wheelchair and accessing the map simultaneously. To enhance accessibility, users can also put the joystick on the direction control area to make the control more convenient.

Car & Cart Design

Meet Team Ave


In this Citroën Ave 2025 project, I'm grateful to cooperate with four talented teammates from industrial design, interior design, and graphic design, teaching me knowledge outside of my field. In the brainstorming process, we struggled about how to meet the company's criterium, so we keep exploring various directions and finally decided to design a sustainable vehicle.

The most challenging part of this project is to integrate multiple functions into the personal device to make the vehicle more affordable. To fulfill the idea, we have to test the features in a car and make sure drivers can control while driving.

Lastly, I want to say "thank you" again to all of my teammates. We appreciate teammates and accomplishing teamwork with everyone taking responsibility seriously and helping without hesitating.

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